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Please note, there are currently no work/live units available to rent. Details of our work/live programmes and dates when units can be applied for can be found below.



Often ‘live/work’ is simply another word for ‘loft-living’, a piece of marketing that has more to do with lifestyle aspiration than deriving from a genuine need for people to work from home. The philosophy and design of the majority of live/work schemes places the emphasis on the residential element; the workspace is often small and, over time, may cease to be occupied for genuine employment use.

The driving force behind Acme Studio’s work/live programmes is the need for artists to have adequate studio space. The living element is necessary but ancillary to that of the studio. Acme deliberately refers to units as ‘work/live’ because it is the artists’ professional practice, their need for a studio, that determines the design and philosophy of the scheme.

Acme currently manages 12 work/live units as part of a residency programme at the Fire Station which selects artists from a national submission for residencies of a fixed-length. The next programme will be open for applications in autumn 2014.

In 2013, Acme developed four work/live units at High House Artists’ Studios which are currently occupied until 2016.

In 2000, Acme developed and sold eight work/live units to cross-subsidise the purchase of our Orsman Road studios. All of these units are now privately owned, though Acme maintains the freehold on the properties and the terms of the leases stipulate that the large ground-floor spaces must be used for work space rather than for residential purposes. More information can be found in the 'Cross-subsidy Case Study' in 'Further Reading'.

Developing work/live space which is affordable for artists and meets planning requirements is a challenge. Acme continues to advise local authorities and developers on the specific requirements and benefits of creating affordable work/live spaces for artists.

A list of organisations with experience of live/work spaces can be found in ‘External Links’


Exterior of Work/Live units at Orsman Road, N1. Photo: Acme Studios (2002)

Exterior of Work/Live units at Orsman Road, N1. Photo: Acme Studios (2002)

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