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The LiteraryMix by Seth Guy
The LiteraryMix by Seth Guy


To celebrate the work of artists on our Fire Station Work/Live Programme 5 (2015-2020), throughout each month of 2016 will feature a different artist on this ground-breaking programme.

In 2015 we featured pieces from recent graduates on a range of award programmes including Adrian Carruthers Studio Award, Chelsea Studio Award, CSM Associate Studio Programme, Goldsmiths Studio Award and the Helen Scott Lidgett Studio Award.

As 2014 was the final year of our Fire Station Work/Live Programme 4 (2012-2015), each month we featured a work by one of the 12 Fire Station artists who benefitted from this important and supportive scheme.

From January 2013, twelve works commissioned from current Acme artists, featured on our Home Page. The works, including new or already existing pieces, each connected in some way to what we do and/or to our 40th Anniversary and include a range of formats, from painting and photography to video and sound.


Past Website Commissions

The LiteraryMix by Seth Guy
Even as I rest my atoms gather (to greet their sun) by Rizwan Mirza
Common Ground by Holly Antrum
Preparatory drawing for Skeleton Sandal, presented with giant flatpol cabbage in a guillotine basket at the rear by Aaron Angell
Bimbos by Michelle Ussher
Research for a sound work by Richard Healy
Portrait by Geraldine Swayne
The Look Book (31 days of cat hair in 31 different styles), 2016 by Alex Frost
Autotext by Samantha Donnelly
AWOL (Lamassu) 2016 by Lucy Woodhouse
Studio by Leah Capaldi
Animation by Chris Ifould
'Chrome Spread on Pleather' by Sean Lavelle
A Hotel, A Labyrinth by Aaron Wells, 2015
REHEARSAL I by Milou van der Maaden
RG Area (rehearsal) by Tilly Shiner
16 x 16 by Piotr Krzymowski
Put your loving arms around me by Emma Corrall
stack effect - factory and traffic exhaust fumes, air currents, density, moisture, and concrete by Nikhil Vettukattil.
Test 3X by Cameron Scott
Antinode by Lydia Davies
Lobbies by Asta Meldal Lynge
Voice of an Angel by Cynthia Cruz
excerpt from a metaphysical desk tidy Digital print, 2014. Courtesy David Osbaldeston and Matt's Gallery.
Artichoke House by George Charman (2014), A site-specific pavilion in the gardens of West Dean Estate
A Song of Two Eyeballs by Michelle Ussher with Huw Hallam, Daniel Sinsel & Tom Woolner
Briony Anderson Studio / Works in process, 2014. (Photo: Piero Parisi)
Preparatory work for a pop-up book by Sara MacKillop
They Found Each Other1 by Geraldine Swayne
Ooins VII by Dan Coopey
A strange cross between a butcher's Shop and a night club by Jonathan Baldock at Wysing Arts Centre (2013)
Compilation of recent work by We Colonised The Moon
Yellow Moon by Robin Footitt
Recent animation by Matthew Noel-Tod
Public Domestic by Emma Smith, Radar, 2013. Photograph courtesy of Julian Hughes.
Untitled 7, Series 2 by Anne Bristow
Bridge II by Helena Ben-Zenou
Drawing the studio (work in progress) by Eleanor Bowen. Film by Juanan Eguiguren
Builder by Andrew Seto, 2011, oil paint, marker pen, collage on paper, 15 x 19.5cm
Boll - Studio 99, 100 and 101 by Anna Moderato
Squirrel Gymnastics by Miyuki Kasahara
Studio photograms by Helen Barff
Colour of Shadow by Yukako Shibata (2012), oil on found plastic objects, mdf, 42x52 cm
Potter Pig by Cathie Pilkington. Photo: Graham Challifour
To Rhapsody by Harrison Birtwhistle by John Hooper
CAVE by Charlie Yetton
Mile End Beginning by Ed Gray, 140x120cm, acrylic, chalk and charcoal on canvas
Cover for publication 'ACME, A Service Organisation for Artists, PROSPECTUS 1984' by Jock McFadyen
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